Compassionate Conversations


Compassion is putting others first, and holding nothing back

The Compassionate Conversations Podcast is in service of one fundamental desire:

Activating our imagination to 


What What does a compassionate culture do in the face of apathy, greed

The Compassionate Conversations Podcast 

Giving form 

What is possible when humanity harnesses the power of compassio

what if we were all compassionate

What happens when compassion takes the driver's seat?

That is to say, what happens to a human life fully organized around compassion? Or, justice rooted in compassion? our personhood rooted in compassion look like? And, how about politics? governance? And 

If we learn to harness Compassion, then who and what will we become?

What does it look like when compassion takes root as the central orienting principle in a human life? in a community, in a society?

platform to manifest a cpglobal civilization 

who we will be to each other?